the creators

To describe a globalist world in which civic institutions have failed & a tiny elite merely plays for control, Michael Lee Cregger (an american acupuncturist) has created WorldControl during the era of the Gulf War Episode I under Bush I. Due to a lack in „family values“ no publisher was willing to bring it to the market.

Almost 30 years later the world has started to play out like Michael’s game, when a game-show-host taken the most powerful position in the world. Ivo Antunic (an austrian designer) polished WorldControl to be a symbol of global inequality, where anyone can play along & provide a box for moral depravity.

It is covered with a silent, global cry for peace in the most spoken languages of the world, represented by the last poem of the founder of the international poetry school.


the creators


published by e.U. Ivo Antunic

in Vienna, Austria

all rights reserved, 2016