His story

History starts with her story.

Lizzie Maggie, a pacifist quaker, invented the landlord's game to teach about the mechanisms of inequality, based on charging others within a system of pure competition, which inevitably lead to a monopoly of the richest.

And as "Monopoly", published by ParkerBrothers, it became the most successful board game in history. With a smiling old man & his Rockefeller hat, it has been transformed from it's critique into the very symbol of capitalism. Buying land for a couple hundred bucks from your uncle & building houses, maybe a hotel, as the ultimate pinnacle of wealth, surrounds it with an almost romantic feel. Quite an outdated picture though in a world where global corporations make billions in profit, hold more power than some sovereign governments & effect the lives of millions of people.

So in 1991, under George Bush the first & Gulf war Episode 1, Michael Lee Cregger, an american acupuncturist, developed WorldControl by mixing in conflict-elements from "Risk" & making the game actually playable beyond the luck of dice. It's ice-cold decision-making makes it a dynamic representative of power-play in the 21st century & explains game-theory in practice. Due to a lack in "family-values" it was rejected by gaming-agents back in the day & was never known beyond the inner circle of his friends & family.

Miachel & his original WorldControl-board

"In the near future all sovereign governments have failed & a billionaire-elite with multi-national, corporate empires & private defense contractors are then playing for total control of the world.", that was WorldControl's visionary setting. 

This vision was shared with an austrian exchange-student to the Cregger-family, by the name of Ivo, 15 years ago. And when the Oxfam-study showed that this near future was now way too near & real, it was time to take action again. Being a student of architecture Ivo designed an elite board for WorldControl & prepped up it's Cold-war-grid to a potential 2020-global-city-ranking. Michael's response: Go for it!

It just had to find it's own brand of publishing, since WorldControl did not need to pretend family values or take a flight into fantasy worlds... the absurdity of our political & financial reality was already game enough & these days Crowdfunding makes publishing possible for everyone. So, without any media-attention at all, WorldControl was funded on Kickstarter on the day of the 2016-US-presidential-elections, to the surprise of everyone.

Now, manufactured in Germany, published in Austria (the inventor of World Wars) & a game-show president being the most powerful global player, the game of WorldControl is now here to show the world what awaits them, when only one goal remains: Total winning!