WorldControl - Elite Edition
WorldControl - Elite Edition
WorldControl - Elite Edition

WorldControl - Elite Edition

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The complete game of WorldControl with a high-class design-board for the true feel of power. (4-8 weeks manufacturing time).

The board is made out of colored Valchromat-wood with a Playing-field out of acrylic-glass. It features card-slots, dice-pockets, an integrated rolling-arena & a deluxe, grabbable bank. It may also be finished with brass & leather-strips. Please contact us for your elite wishes.

Take the role of a global player, when all institutions have failed & only money & military power matters. The better you play, the more control you gain, so stay on top of your game by switching from dice-rolls to card-playing. Get first-handgeopolitical experience in a multipolar world.

WorldControl comes in a uniquely designed box featuring a dice-rolling-arena & a grabable bank, that holds a whole lot of game with top-quality parts:

6 Leader
40 Corpz
1x Leader-die (D10)
3x Border-dice (D12)
10x Combat-dice (5 attack / 5 defend)
31 Property-Cards
24 General-Cards
23 Sage-Cards
10, 50, 100, 500 billion Yollo bills (40 each)
21 different #fakenewz (tweet- & reprintable)
6 x 6 different Stoxx
RULES 1 booklet (also available as pdf) & a print on the backside of the cover